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08 October 2023

Updated Memberships

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📣 Exciting News! DIYvinci Memberships Are Getting a Makeover! 🎉

At DIYvinci, we are always striving to provide the best experience for our creative community. That's why we are thrilled to announce that we are restructuring our membership plans to make them more affordable and tailored to your creative needs! Starting soon, you'll have access to three incredible membership options: Creativity Cadet, Mindful Maestro, and Creative Visionary.

🔮 Creativity Cadet (Free plan) 🔮

Our Creativity Cadet plan is perfect for those who want to dip their toes into the world of creativity. As a Creativity Cadet, you'll earn Inspire points that can be redeemed for creative rewards. Plus, you'll be among the first to know about new and exclusive deals. Showcase your art, join conversations and groups, participate in virtual events, and submit your own tutorials. You'll also have access to a wealth of free learning resources in the DIYvinci community.

🌟 Mindful Maestro ($10/month) 🌟

Take your creative journey to the next level with the Mindful Maestro membership. In addition to all the perks of the Creativity Cadet plan, you'll enjoy 10% off your orders in the DIYvinci Shop. You'll also gain exclusive access to the Secret Group on DIYvinci called "The Craft Room." And that's not all! We have an exciting feature coming soon: the Quarterly Virtual Gallery, where you can showcase your artwork for FREE. You'll also have free access to courses and virtual events created by DIYvinci.

💡 Creative Visionary ($25/month) 💡

For the true creative visionaries out there, our Creative Visionary membership is the ultimate package. With this plan, you'll receive everything included in the Mindful Maestro membership and so much more! Request custom supply orders, create and lead your own groups in the DIYvinci community, and collaborate with DIYvinci on our animated video series. You'll even have your name in the credits! Plus, you'll receive a 15% discount on courses NOT created by DIYvinci. As a Creative Visionary, you'll also have free access to the Design Studio, Idea Studio, and the Digital Asset Library.

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28 September 2023

Courses not visible to non-logged in users

🛠 Fixed


Updating visibility of published courses so anyone can view the overview.

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